• The Impact of Misinformation on Me

    Misinformation is something that has impacted anyone and everyone during such a tumultuous time. Whether you know an individual who has fallen victim to this content or have personally been overwhelmed by a flood of information with no real verifiable source material, the bottom line is that everyone has been exposed to this issue, myself […]

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  • Debunk Misinformation Creation

    I chose to create two infographics. One on how to fact-check possible misinformation in your feed and another that goes in-depth into how one can utilize the SIFT method to evaluate information that they find online. My intended audience is everyone, as everyone is susceptible to misinformation. This is why I chose to utilize the […]

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  • Will We Ever be Rid of Misinformation?

    Recently, especially in taking a course on misinformation, I have found that I am seeing quite a bit less of this content on my social media feeds than I was during election years and at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020. This was inspiring a bit of hope in me […]

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  • Whose Responsibility is it to Solve the Misinformation Problem?

    In looking at misinformation, it is clear that there are many causes. As such, there are many questions as to who should fix such a large-scale issue, especially due to its effect on the public during such a polarizing time in history. So, whose responsibility is it to combat misinformation? The Public Since the public […]

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